A VR app to assist merchandisers to see products in the environment.



Constellation brands sales associates, buyers and merchandisers.


Users can see the products and merchandise on-premise and off-premise and understand all the aspects of products (color, size, proportion). They can check the specs and pricing at the same time.


RFP proposals, seasonal product pitches and launching all new products.


When we go to client’s place to pitch new products / When the clients visit us / Even when there is no opportunity to visit!


It’s immersive, affordable, effective and cutting edge.

User Story 1

As a user, I can select other sub-brand to explore their products and ideas

User Story 2

As a user, I can choose the environment type (on/off premise) to see the product in the final touch point.

User Story 3

As a user I can move around (teleport) in the environment to see all angles of the product and proportions

User Story 4

As a user I can see the product specs to see all the options and make my decision


Unity 3D


3DS Max / Vray

Adobe Photoshop

Sketch Fab


MS Word


User Research & Documentation / Information Architecture / wireframe & Prototyping / Usability Testing / UI / UX / 3D Modeling / 3D Rendering / VR Output

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