Concept Profile Page for a Community Website


The profile layout is based on a modular system and every feature/profile item has a special card/module. We have 2 whole sections: Public cards and private cards. At first when you signup and login, in public cards section you have nothing to show until you drag a card (module) from private cards section and drop it into public cards section. There is different cards (modules) which you can add to your profile, such as photo card, text card, video card, Today’s mood card, etc. Other than these you can customize cards sizes, grids, colors and the order of the cards based on your personality/mood.

As this is a module based profile, it will fit easily in every type of devices with different screen sizes.


1. The profile page should contain the following at a minimum:

a. User name

b. Profile image

c. User bio

d. Interests or skills

e. Basic stats

     i. For example, number of followers and number of people following f. Affordances to:

     i. Follow the User

     ii. Share the User’s profile to other social networks g. User’s content

     i. This can be an activity feed, or a User’s posted images.

2. Additional content, features or controls on the profile page are at the candidate’s discretion.





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