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This concept is a multifunctional Mini PC for students to use in schools and colleges. We designed this product at 2005 and our goal was designing a portable and light weight computer for the future (2020). We needed to study existence technologies and predict and imagine how the technology is going to work after 15 years.

It comes with a detachable transparent screen, a physical keyboard and a hard case to carry the product around.

Users can detach the transparent screen and use it as a tablet or book reader. For being more comfortable to work on the screen, we designed a new circular on-screen keyboard that users can use it by both hands.

There is a physical bluetooth keyboard for typing faster on the computer and users can use this devise in any different body positions.


Sketchbook Pro

Adobe Photoshop


3DS Max


User Research / Information Architecture / Sketching / 3D Modeling / 3D Rendering / UI / UX

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