A mobile app concept to help people find their national communities in a new area



  • Wants to find Ukrainian community.
  • Wants to know about their location, age, and common interest.
  • Wants to make friendship with them.
  • Wants to be in touch with them every time she need.
  • Wants to know about the cultural events.


Emilia moved to Seattle last year from her original country because of her husband job. Every day her husband goes to work and she is alone at home. after a while she could get a part time job at a daycare. she can not speak English very well, so it is really hard to find a friend to talk, going out, and have fun with. Also she could find some friends from college, but all of them are younger than her and she has no common interest with them.


Sketchbook Pro

Adobe Illustrator




User Research & Documentation / wireframe & Prototyping / UI & Visual Design

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