DesignCamp Awards

DesignCamp.ir is a design competition organizer in Asia, founded by myself to benefit my clients with a huge variety of ideas and creative solutions. As a designer who graduated from an Art University, I had a lot of clients to work for and on the other hand I had a lot of connections back in my university.

Once I had a contract to deliver a couple of design concepts, I was thinking how I can gather more than a couple of fresh and unique ideas. Sometimes you need to communicate with other creatives to use their minds and opinions as well to fresh up your ideas. First I decided to hire a junior designer as an assistant for the project, but it wasn’t enough. I needed more variety of brains and thinking methods and it was my “AHA” moment!

I had the idea, I had the connections, and I had all the tools to implement it. So, I grabbed the phone and called the client to negotiate, and the core idea was:


I convinced the client by guaranteeing to deliver more than 50 concepts, instead of a couple concepts. But the fact was “there is no guarantee!”. It was a huge risk, but the whole idea was becoming stronger in my head. It wasn’t a single project for me anymore. It was a path to grow my creative business in a whole new way.

As I wanted to do it perfectly, I came up with a new name “DesignCamp” and designed the whole identity including logo, visuals, posters, flyers and the website in about a week.

Finally I implemented a system to run competitions in different creative fields and evaluate designers and their creative talents. I delivered a full package of business solutions and after the first competition, I formed a team to make it bigger.

As a team, we ran and organized 6 design competitions since 2009 and all the clients are incredibly excited with the outcome.

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