A circular smartphone designed to break the mold and fit in women’s pocket



Smart phones are ubiquitous in our society, yet nearly every model is too large to fit in a woman’s front pocket. dTOOR, a Seattle-based startup, sees an opportunity to create a female-friendly smartphone. I collaborated with a team of three to design the body and digital interface for the future model, to be released in 2017.


  • Stay connected with her kids, family, colleagues, and friends.
  • Wants to be effective at her job like: taking great photos of decor to show clients and great photos of her family for their memories, getting places quickly and efficiently, having access to products and information.
  • Having good music to listen to when she’s shopping or working out.
  • Entertain herself by watching videos on her devices during her free time.
  • Access her information on all her devices (sync).


Wendy is shopping for furnitures with her clients. She’d like to keep her phone with her to take photos of the products, but it’s too big to hold as she shops, and too big to put in her pocket. Instead, she keeps the phone buried in her purse. After the meeting, she realizes that she missed a call from her daughter a while ago because her iPhone was in her purse. She wishes there’s a way she can keep her phone in her pocket since iPhone 6+ is way too big for her pocket right now. She goes to her next client. She wants to show the client some photos and products she photographed earlier, but when the three of them crowd around the screen, it’s hard to see the product details and textures. By the end of the day, she’s been using her phone to connect with her family and clients, and her phone dies on the way home. She wishes the phone had a longer battery life.

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