CanDo Informatics Commerce

“CanDo” is an open innovation society in the field of Information Technology (IT) that has started it’s activity since 2007 in Tehran, Iran.

What is open innovation?

In a world of widely distributed knowledge, companies cannot afford to rely entirely on their own research. Innovation is not limited to a certain platform.

A sample concept in OA is : User innovation; consumer could be the best developer itself, Cumulative innovation; gathering developments by consumers, Distributed innovation; releasing new developments and innovations.

The border between consumer and developer will fade little by little and this means unbelievable speed of improvement and development. There are many other strategies for speeding developments. Thousands of smart solutions could be organized for extending developers. Today information can be transferred so easily that it seems impossible to prevent. Thus, the open innovation model states that since firms cannot stop this phenomenon, they must learn to take advantage of it.

following are the key principles of CanDo society:

KnowledgeOpen innovationCommercial viewRelation and… open!

With this concepts, I started to make a different and innovative brand.

The process was started by Naming. In Persian language Cando = Bee hive. It means we Can Do everything, if we work like bees, to develop the hive.

‌Based on “open” concept, and open doors of this society to everyone as a researcher and developer, so everyone can Be a bee ! Yes, I suggested “Be a bee !” as slogan.

At last I extracted some concepts related to the bee hive and I defined that concepts as foundations of CanDo Informatics Society.

Related Concepts are:

CanDo (The company), Flower (Minds & under exploitation projects), Bee (Researchers & Developers), Honey (Products & All outputs)

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