The Eddy On The River

“The Eddy” is a Music and Sport Bar, located on Deming, WA, on the beautiful Mt.Baker Highway by the beautiful Nooksack river. Obviously “The Eddy” means spinning water and you can see lots of eddies on the Nooksack river.

My mission was designing the visual identity to connect two keywords/concepts; “eddy” and “a modern bar”. After researching about trends and lots of sketches, I came up with 7 visual concepts as you can see here.

The client chose last option which you can see offered alternatives below. The visual was inspired by swirling water and when I finished the visual, I discovered a female body shape in it! In choosing the colors, I tried to transfer the sense of Pacific Northwest by using  green and blue colors.

After approving the visual identity by the client, I started to build the brand identity based on client request by designing the promotional pieces, signs and brochures.

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